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Founded in April 2004.
Business registration address: P.409 - A1 - TT Vinh Ho - Ward Quang Thinh - Dong Da - Ha Noi.
Trading Office: P.216 - The CT1A - DN1 - My Dinh New Town II - Tu Liem - Ha Noi.
Tel: 04.62943336                     Fax: 04.37871570
Product showrooms of automobile parts: No. 96 - Nguyen Xien (Belt 3 new) - Ha Dinh - Thanh Xuan - Ha Noi.
Tel: 04.62942336                     Fax: 04.35527773
The company specializes in two areas operate on commercial and technical services:
1. Field of automotive parts and technical services industry.
+ Provide Korean automotive parts such as Hyundai Motor Parts, auto parts Daewoo, Kia auto parts, especially automotive parts and accessories for Hyundai buses buses Daewoo
+ Provides automotive air conditioning system, air conditioning parts of its buses Doowon, Mando.
+ Provide spare parts, supplies and replacement air conditioning cars, trucks of all kinds.
+ Maintenance and repair of electrical systems, air conditioning and installing air conditioning system renovation cars.
+ Provide engineering services: construction and installation, renovation of systems dynamics in manufacturing industries (electrical, crane, compressed air, paint, fixtures played ,...), and bus assembly plant in the car.
2. Equipment fields food advice:
+ Consulting, design technology transfer lines and complete equipment for beverage plants and food processing.
+ Design, manufacturing, construction items of the production line of beer, wine and soft drinks.
+ Providing equipment and auxiliary information for the food production chain: pumps, elbows, valves, fittings, ...
+ Services maintenance repair systems production line of beer, wine and soft drinks.
Through the process of formation and development, the company has a solid foothold in the market supply of these products. Some typical customer of the company:
- Transport Corporation in Hanoi (Hanoi TRANSERCO): Provides automotive parts bus parts (chassis, machinery, hull ,...), air conditioning system parts and technical service buses.
- JVC GM-Daewoo Automotive Vietnam (VIDAMCO): to improve paint shop system, and relocate fixtures factory system bus.
- Daewoo Bus Co., Ltd Vietnam (VIDABUS): Installation of the system dynamics, fixtures. Provide management services and technical workers building the bus (as typical production projects, closed 100 3-door bus for the first modern BC212 to customers in Vietnam Hanoi TRANSERCO 2009)
- Technical consulting, designing, manufacturing, construction and installation of Hung Yen brewery, breweries, Soc Son, Vietnam German brewery.

Quoc Nam is committed to providing genuine auto parts, product warranties and auto parts according to the highest responsibility to customers.
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Namquoc Automobile Services Co.., Ltd.:
1. Trading Office: P.216 - The CT1A - DN1 - My Dinh New Town II - Tu Liem - Ha Noi.
Tel: 04.62943336                                 Fax: 04.37871570
Email:                Website:
2. Product showrooms of automobile parts: No. 96 - Nguyen Xien (Belt 3 new) - Ha Dinh - Thanh Xuan - Ha Noi.
: 04.62942336                                 Fax: 04.35527773

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